So we are off to a great start to vacation! Sleet and freezing rain canceled the trip to Pat's Peak for snow boarding today. We have over 4 feet of snow in the yard... and on my deck... and now it is being covered and saturated with inches of wet rain and sleet. We have a metal roof (Thank GOD!) but our deck is about at its limit. Please join me in a moment of silent prayer for my deck... We have been planning to tear it down and rebuild it for 3 years, but haven't had the money to do it. Come on RAIN!
Although it is truly beautiful, I am pretty sick of all of this snow! And with the rain coming down, I am truly waiting for the power to go out. I would post a picture of all of the rain and ice, but this girl is NOT going out in this mess.

Maddy and I did venture out to get Kevin's dry cleaning, and the suede soles for the slippers. And then, just because it is in the same plaza as the yarn shop, we went and got our nails painted. It was VERY slippery all the way home 

Now I am off to work on the second Cotton-Candy-Rific Slipper for Maddy. I hope to have them done by the time I go to bed tonight, but will probably have to just settle on finishing them tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I will also be working on some jewelry, and possibly some beaded custom stitch-markers for my new shop MarcyMade! Pictures will be posted as I get things done pver the next couple days.


D Hoik
02/28/2011 13:38

I'm putting in my order for five stitch markers. I love the tiny denim blue beads. Put a little silver bauble on it too. For needle sizes above 7, please.

02/28/2011 13:43

You got it! They are on the list! I will post pictures when they are done!

02/28/2011 17:59

You have totally turned my little internet world around!

Keep posting - I'll keep watching and reading.

D Hoik
03/01/2011 08:55

Can't wait. I'll use them on my yellow cardigan! Love denim and yellow! Together!

diane Hoik
03/01/2011 13:55

I LOVE my new knitting stitch markers! Just can't wait to see that denim blue beside my golden color - Chickie Masla Merino wool and mohair Peace Fleece yarn.

03/02/2011 04:45

The stitch markers ARE adorable. I'll stop back when I have more time to shop! Got to get my work done so I can get back to my knitting sometime soon.

04/03/2011 01:51

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