So, you ask, How am I doing towards attaining my goals this week? Well, I am so glad you asked! Yesterday I cleaned off part of the dining room table, I worked on the Love Me or Leaf Me Carpet Bag, and I took the cellophane off of the Jillian Micheals 30-Day-Shred video.

Here is what I realized - I hate cleaning. Hmmm... wait - I already knew that. So, here is what I really realized... cleaning sucks.. Hmmm... wait - I knew that, too. So I guess I'll just grin and bare it. I knit last night while watching House, and got to the part where you go to the size 6 needles. Ya, I own at least 3 pairs of every size of needles, EXCEPT A SIZE 6! BLA-AAAARRRGGGG! So I had to put it aside until this afternoon (more on that later).

I left this morning to go meet my friend Nikki for some gift-card-spending at The Parable Bible Bookstore, and then to grab some "breakfast for lunch". We had a blast! We also went to Michael's where I spent another gift-card to get 2 size 6 circular needles so I could finish the first side of my knitted bag. YAY ME! and then I got a 12x12 scrapbook paper holder to hold my finished quilt squares. (I know...I live on the edge!) We had a great day hanging out.

This is the view I drive by each day when I leave my house. By the way - Did I mention it FLIPPIN SNOWED yesterday? Which is good, because I think there were random spots where the actual ground was peeking through, and Lord knows that woudln't have been a good thing for the first day of Spring!

Really beautiful, right? So then I grabbed Aidan and brought him to an appointment. On the way home, I stopped and went tanning before we came home. While I was in there for 7 minutes, I saw my abs, and thought about the Jillian Michaels 30-day-shred. (That counts, right?)

Honestly, I truely thought working on these goals would be MUCH more difficult....

I am blessed with living in such beautiful country. How inspiring is this view? Especially after a fresh coat of snow...

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Just entered my river picture in Bugaboo, mini, mr & me's photofun group! This week's challenge was "Up in the Air" - and what could be more up in the air than all of this snow STILL falling down!!!!!!
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03/23/2011 18:08

Great design. Looks super.

03/24/2011 20:12

We just got a big old winter storm here, so I hear ya on that one! :) It does make for some pretty pictures; yours are great. Thank you for linking to ATW. I hope you can link again next week!

03/25/2011 04:17

Thanks Kimberly! I am working on next weeks right now! Can't wait to see the others' pictures.

04/02/2011 00:59

Men are born with two eyes but one tongue, in order that they should see twice as much as they say.


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