I have to confess that even under the best of circumstances, when I am feeling well, and my childern are behaving, and we are NOT in crisis... I live in a cluttered home. I am a HORRIBLE homemaker! (OK... I am NOT a horrible homemaker, it's just that my cleaning skills are mostly suck-ish) BUT... and here is the confession part... this winter I have just been sick. Between my Crohn's, an onset of winter depression, and now this Pneumonia, I haven't been able to really do a thing but sit my big, fat @ss in my recliner and knit, or bead. As a result, my home has gone from being cluttered to being a disaster area. And I have gone from being OK with my 5 extra pounds to needing to lose about 30. I feel so wretched today that I didn't do anything at all - and I barely got myself showered at 3pm. I am not including that part for sympathy, just an explanation of how I came to this epiphany of an idea.
You see, it is 70 degrees out today here in NH. And I have all of this snow outside. On my deck. On my walkway. In my yard. So I was stuck here sitting in my recliner in the livingroom, thinking about a conversation Kevin and I just had. See this deck here? We HATE this deck. It's uneven, and peeling, and RED, and... well.. .you get the idea. Anyways... we decided we are going to tear it down, and that I can have this space for my raised beds. (OK, Kev said I could have my garden there, but I really want raised beds, so I am just going to interpret "you can have your garden there" as "geez, raised beds sound like a fabulous idea for a garden"!)

I know right now you are thinking "Hey, I was all up for the confessions portion of this post, and all I am reading is about gardening..." Well, hang in - here it comes...

As you can see... we still have a TON of snow here on our property. The only place that gets full, good sun is right here where the deck is. I know you are still thinking in I am talking about gardening - well, I am, sorta, but I am also about to tell you that because of this fact...The remainder of my property will have snow now probably until mid-april! (I kid you not!)

See all of this snow? And the shadows from all of the trees? Ya... That snow ain't goin no where no time soon (hideous grammar intended for emphasis). I am going to be amazed if we can even get out of our front door before April 1st! LOL!

So, while I was outside, trying to see if the fresh air and 70 degree weather would make me feel ANY better (it didn't, and so I am sitting back in my recliner all bleary eyed) I thought to myself "Self? We need to get ready for this!".

And then my o-so-beautiful children came home off the bus. And I hid behind the van to get them in the picture... See? Maddy in her t-shirt... and SNOW! UG! (In case you were wondering, she is now in shorts, and back outside playing in the snow! What a nut-case! They think it's hysterical.)

SOOOOO.... back to my cluttered mind (oh, I mean... house)

I took a look around and decided that in order to justify all of the time I am going to need to get ready for my garden, and the time it will take to do that, along with my knitting, sewing, crafting, etc... I really need to get the house clean. So I really took a good hard look at what has happened to my house this winter while I have been trapped in a haze of illness...

(Ok, I know this isn't a picture of my mess, it's just that my kids are REALLY cute! And I think it's hysterical that they are running around in their t-shirts with all of this snow!)

*********** WARNING***********
What you are about to see may be shocking! And scary for the faint of heart! And may change your opinion of me... But it's a risk I am willing to take!(LOL)
This is my tiny dining area That is my sewing machine on it, and a ton of other crap just sitting there. See all of those shoes? They are there because my front door is there, and my house is so tiny that there is no where else to put them. The trash bag is our trash Kev pulled last night, and I was suppsoed to get to the dump today with it, but I can't stay vertical long enough to get it done. This area is not all that bad - we can get it cleaned and put away in a matter of less than an hour if we need the table for dinner.

This is my kitchen... See the punched tin? I did that! and my Uncle did the floors and the cabinets and the appliances. Ya,... we're handy like that!

Anyways - this is our kitchen. Tiny, but super perfect, and SUPER MESSY! I really need to get a handle on this! You would think with 3 kids - ages 10, 12 and 13 - they would be able to take care of this when I am sick, but NooooOOOOooooo! *childishly stomps my feet* Apparently Kevin and I are the only ones who can take care of anything.

This is the small area of my living room by the fire place where my craft stuff piles up when I work.

See that yellow box? Thats my box of fire logs. I burn a fire every day! And we are out of kindling and almost out of dry wood. So we have resorted to the Duraflame Logs. Just don't burn a fire, you say? Not. An. Option! And I'd say Kevin paid you to say that!

This is my command center. Kevin calls it my "office" because this is where my fat @ss sits 24/7 when I am sick. And I have been horrible the past week - which is why the box of triscuts is sitting there, and Kev's 4-year-sweater is hanging over the side of the couch, and all the clothes are piled on the coffee table...

So what's the deal, you ask? Why am I outing my inability to keep my house clean? And why do I keep using the words "fat @ss"? Well... Here's my big idea...

Starting Monday, I will be spending time each day cleaning, decluttering and organizing different rooms in my house. Some rooms may take more than a day, and depending on how I am feeling, I may only be able to do 15 minutes. But, I will keep you updated. Along with that, I really want to begin my 30-day-shred with Jillian Michaels. The goal is that by the time the snow is melted so will my fat, and the house will be all organized so that we can head outdoors for the spring, summer and fall to come.

What can you do to help? Well, Thank you for asking! You can hound me, encourage me, and keep me company on here while I suffer through it! Who knows... Maybe by the end I will be a clean-convert! (Ya, let's not push it!) 


Nichole T.
03/18/2011 13:50

Ok - so if your @ss is fat mine is too! And I learned that you have to cut yourself a break. We are our own worst enemy. My house is not perfect and the piles grow and ebb depending on how much energy I have left in the day. Maybe it is time to have the kids help out more. I tell mine part of your responsiblity in living in this house is that you help keep it clean. So about once or twice a week they help. So you are doing the right thing by dedicating a few minutes to clean up one piece or one area or one pile or one countertop or a few shoes.....
And if you ever want to walk - I am always up for a walk with someone who will talk my ear off - the dog just doesn't hold up his end of the conversation!!

03/18/2011 14:17

Nichole - walking sounds awesome! And are you insinuating I talk a lot? LOL! OK, fine! You're on to me! I really don't know how to shut up! o-well. I will never be accused on not communicating! Thank you for accepting me - and my home.

Your Darling Husband
03/18/2011 20:39

Babe, you know I love you right?

SO I'll start by telling you I have hidden all the sharp objects... ;)

Stop trying to be a tough guy and ask for help! I mean really, If we asked our friends and family to come and help us out, pick a day, supply burgers and beer and get rediculously ruthless and anal retentive about what stays and what is just clutter and needs to go we could get this place back into shape and then really work with the kids to keep it that way. I am really happy that you are thinking about our "problem" (She didn't publish pictures of the bedrooms....) but I think this has gotten so far away from us that we can't get it back with out some type of intervention...

I Love You

The Hubster...

Susan G.
03/19/2011 05:37

Don't forget you have pneumonia....take care of you first. Baby steps! PS..M and I had lots of fun. Thank you for taking Izzie to the Globetrotters today!!

03/19/2011 09:29

Hon - I love you! But this is something I need to do (mostly) by myself... or at least self-directed... With you helping... and the kids... Maybe we need to rent a dumpster! LOL! And please put the sharp objects back because I had to spread the butter on my bagel with a spoon this mmorning!

@Susan - I can't thank you enough for taking Mads last night. I hope they have a great time with Kev at the Globetrotters tonight.


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