I really talked a big game yesterday. I am thankful for all of your messages of support both here and on my facebook page. As I was writig yesterday, my recliner is now dubbed "Marcy's Office". My husband was the first to call it that.   
I came home one day a few weeks ago and found this on the window ledge next to my recliner. Kevin had gone down into the basement and pulled my old nameplate from a box of things from my old job. Apparently I spend a lot of time in said relcliner... :)

So, it only stands to reason that I go to "my office" every day from 9-5 - don't you think? lol. No, really, I do spend quite a bit of time here. It's where I sit to knit, and blog, and watch TV, and it is my comfort when I don't feel good. As a result, much of my life recenty has been spent in this recliner. And, because my daughter is a little mini-me, when I am not in it she is!

Back to my goals for the week...

#1 I will finish this silly thing TODAY!!!! I don't care how much I cough and blow my nose. I MUST GET THIS DONE!!!!! I need to take out my bind off on the ribbed collar, and then I will redo it and see if that works. If not, I will wait until Wednesday when I knit with "The Ladies of The Fiber Studio" (haha! I love making names for things!). I know they will have the answers I need. They are wonderful!
UPDATE: Completed Kevin's sweater tonight! Talk about a quick turnaround! YAY! Now to cast on my Watermelon-Hannah Sweater. Don't tell Kevin, because it drives him batty, but I am going to work 2 projects at the SAME TIME! OH the HORROR! LOL!

#2 I will get the kitchen all cleaned and organized this week. I amsure to have things to throw away and to give away - keep your eyes peeled for the "give-aways".

#3 I am going to start this fabulous bag designed by my friend Karen over at Tygerlily. Her blog can be found at http://tygerlily.weebly.com. Karen makes all sorts of exciting notebooks and organizers covered with incredible fabrics. She does custom as well. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheTygerLily?ref=pr_shop
It will definitely inspire you to get organized, and to knit!

My plan is to get this cast on on Weds when I go knitting with "The Ladies of The Fiber Studio" (haha! I just love it!)

This pattern can be purchased at
http://tygerlily.weebly.com/uploads/6/6/9/8/6698319/3615213_orig.jpg?319 .

(I appologize for my non-techie-ablilities. If anyone can tell me how to do those neat-o linky things that would really be appreciated!)

#4 I vow to do Jillians 30-day shread at least twice this week. Ok... maybe Ivow to watch it... The moving may have to wait until next week when I am not feeling so pneumonia-ish...

Now... I am off to finish Kevin's sweater while he is at the Globetrotters game with Maddy and her good friend.


03/19/2011 18:38

OK, so #1 you've accomplished. EXCELLENT I must say!!! #2 if you find any hand mixers you don't want, send them my way since I broke the only one we owned this week trying to make real whipped cream. #3 you must wait until you work the pattern before you give me such awesome props. :) #4 Jillian is ruthless. I can take the watching part, too. Maybe one day..... There is extra baggage that Jillian could help me with, too. :)
You can do this, sister! I just know you can! :)


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