Got this fabulous fabric all picked out, washed, starched and ironed. It's all ready for the Chloe & Meiko sew-a-long that starts Monday. I also got all of the fabric for my P2Modern Solids Quilt-A-Long washed, startched and ironed. All ready to go for Monday (Monday is going to be a busy day! FUN!)

These fabrics are in pairs for the bodies of the children. I am thinking I can get 2, maybe 3 bodies out of each piece, with fabric left over to make a few mug rugs. I haven't done one yet, but after seeing so many cute ones, I just have to dip my toe in the mug-rug pool! I will let you  know how that goes. If anyone has any pointers, I woud llove to hear them.

The front of the Love Me or Leaf Me Bag is finished. If you love the design, pop over to my friend Karen's blog (http://tygerlily.weebly.com/). You can get yourself a copy of her pattern - she emails it to you, adn you can get started without even leaving your recliner!

It has knit up so easily! I am really not an advanced knitter, and have never made anything like this before in my life, and it is coming together so easily. The way she has written the pattern makes it very easy to follow. The only thing I am wondering (and the reason why I haven't finished the side to the point of knitting the tabs) is if I wil lneed to adjust the spacing and the stitches bound off to allow for different handles as I am not a big bamboo kinda girl. So, it's off to JoAnns tomorrow with my 25% off coupon for a set of handles.

Aidan spent the day having Airsoft Wars with his friends. His best friend came over, they shot eachother for a while (really? It must be a guy thing, because the thought of letting my friends shoot me a bunch of times while runnign around through the woods really sounds like punishment rather than fun)... and then ran down the road to grab a couple more friends before returning and going into all out war-mode. I DID make sure to have them leave the guns and masks behind. My new across-the-street-neighbor is a local police officer, and I could see things going very wrong very quickly if I had let them head off as they were! LOL... We do live on a back road in a farm area of a country-ish town I grew up in, but I fear the masks probably put them a tad over the top... hmmmm.... ya think? 

What is this picture? Well, glad you asked. This is a piture of my giggly daughter, and her giggly best friend hunching down so I couldn't get a picture (see their cute little heads in the bottom corner? So adorable!). After a failed sleepover attempt last night ended in a call for a ride home (and Kevin heading out to get Maddy at 11:30 pm), Maddy wanted some good play time with her today. The girls giggles non-stop for probably an hour. A fort was made out of our inflatable air mattresses and quilts, movies were watched, and pool was played. Again - everytime I went to get a picture, backs were turned and shrieks of giggles heard. One day I will get back at them, and show embarrasing pictures to their prom dates! Oh, wait... maybe that's why they hide their faces from me! It's all becoming so clear to me now! LOL

As for other areas of progress, my kitchen and dining area are officially clean, and I have cleaned and rearranged my living room. I have re-located my office to the other side of the living room. I wil post pictures tomorrow when I have better light.

I have spent an hour each day thinking about Jillian and her 30 days. Next week I will put in the DVD!

Now... For some great-late-breaking news..... Katie has decided to get baptized at church tomorrow! Praise God for calling her heart to Him! Kevin is getting in with her to dunk her under (I told him to hold her down a little longer just to make sure it takes! LOL!). tomorrow is going to be a great day. Aidan got baptized a few months ago. Maddy is our last to make the decision, I wonder how long it will take before she makes the decision...

Have a wonderfully, amazingly blessed day tomorrow!



03/27/2011 06:18

Oh, what WONDERFUL news!!! I cry at baptisms, even when I don't know the people very well. It's just one of the most joyous occasions ever. And I adore giggly girls. I wasn't allowed to really BE one, so being around them is good for the heart.
btw - my kitchen and dining room are NOT clean - you go girl. :)

03/27/2011 16:07

It was an incredible day. Both Katie AND Maddy were baptized. What a great surprise!

05/04/2011 03:01

If you love a girl, it's better to fight for her happiness than to abandon her for the sake of her happiness.-


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