Stick a fork in us! It's Done! AND..... It goes over Kevin's big 'ole melon. Yes! I am saying he has a big head (snicker, snicker)... Thank GOD! Now I can cross this project of my Goals for the week list!

Now... I have 4 balls left over of this really incredible Encore by Plymouth Yarn. Each ball has 200 yards and it is Worsted Weight. (I knotted this sweater in a size 8). Any idea what I can make with that?


03/19/2011 18:34

Marcy! I could NOT be prouder of you with the completion of this sweater. And a mighty find specimen of a model, too. Congrats on finishing your long-time project. Feels good, doesn't it. :)

03/19/2011 19:38

Ya, Kevin's blushing now!


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