As I was floating and lurking around Bloggy Land, I happened upon this fabulous way to feel a bit less helpless in the face of the events ocurring in Japan. It's a sew-along. These people have lost everything. The most basic of things. Their clothes, their homes, their shoes... Everything.

Enter Susan, over at Living with Punks ( She is joining Chelsea ( who has created this wonderful design and idea. She is looking for people to join her in creating these wonderful t-shirts to send to the children who have lost so much. (After completion, they are shipped to her, and she will ship them out)
Seriously cute, right? All it takes is a pre-made t-shirt, some felt, some cotton scraps and some time. I have decided to join in and make some shirts. I think my 2 girls wil lhave a blast helping and making t-shirts along side of me. (We may have to make oursleves one while we are at it. The sew-along starts March 28, and at that point she wil lhave a "boy" version to make as well. Not only is this a great way to help out and touch a chid's life even an ocean away, but it is a great way to get our children involved and let them know how their tiny pebble can make a ripple effect. Join me!

 Well, that's a week away, but I think I will go tomorrow while the kids are in school and get the stuff we need. Back to today...

I am still sick *sniffle, cough, sputter* but I am about to cast on my (hopefully) beautiful Watermelon-Hanna-Sweater. Right now I am boiling the water to straighten my circular new needles for it.  It is amazing how 10 tiny little seconds in simmering water can make your entire knitting life more enjoyable. Meantime, Kevin and I are watching the Harry Potter Marathon. (We Heart Harry Potter!)...
ACK!!!!!! Update... My mohair is the wrong size! I tried my gageon size 9 like it called for and I only came out to 3 1/4". Tried a 10 and it was 3 3/4. Any bigger and it will look crappy. So much for watermelon! I'm gonna have to get different yarn...

I'll post a pick when I am done in with knitting for the day so you can see how far I got today... 

Maybe I can sneak out today and go to JoAnn's for my stuff (AND a bit of fabric for my Love ME or Leaf Me Carpet Bag) 

Off to cast..... (that's 184 sticthes! I hope I don't lose count!)



03/20/2011 16:14

Sure wish you were feeling better. But isn't surfing blogs a lot of fun? And see what great stuff you found? Hang in there - hope this week will rock your socks. :)


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