Today was an incredible day at church. In the 8 years I have been attending Grace Capital Church, I have never seen them do a Baptism Service. All Baptisms for the 2 services, No regular service. On Weds night, my Katie decided it was time to be Baptized, so she got ready for that. When we got to the second service (I just can't get up for an 8:30 service... and God is ok with me sleeping in), we heard that there were 4 people who had signed up ahead of time, then another 10 people felt the Holy Spirit and decided to just go up and be baptized! The church was prepared, and had shorts, t-shirts and towels for those who decided on the spot. For the second service, after witnessing Katie, and a few others, Maddy decided it was her time, and she went up as well (pics below). All in all there were 44 people baptized between the 2 services! God is so Awesome!  

After we got home, it was so nice out the kid shad to go out and play. I took this after hearing them plan this elaborate plan to gather pinecones as money. Here they are deep in conversation together. I love these stolen moments. The hard part of looking at this picture is knowing the snow is NEVER GOING AWAY!

Over the past few days I have really gotten NOTHING crafty done, just a lot of ironing, and getting ready for the t-shirt sew-a-long, and the P2 Quilt-A-Long. Today the girls and I got the bodies all cut out for the Chloe & Mieko sew-a-long. Tomorrow I am off to buy the shirts, and then we'll work on assembling them. I think I am going to adjust the pieces slightly larger and make one for me as well! I can't wait to see how the kids do on embroidering the mouth and cheeks!

Well, it's been quite an exciting day. I am off for the night. See you tomorrow with lots of updates on how my day of multiple "alongs" went. FUN STUFF!



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