Well, I guess it wouldn't be New Hampshire if Mother Nature didn't play an April Fools Joke on us! S N O W! Tomorrow! They're predicting over 14 inches here at my house! This is a cruel joke! So today, while it's in the 40's and a tad overcast, I am preparing for the widespread power outages they are getting ready for. This morning I put together a fabulous Sweet Potatoe Soup - recipe courtesy of my friend Nikki. It cooks on the crockpot for 7 hours on low. I got it in there around 11:45, so it will be a late dinner. And then tomorrow if we lose power, it will reheat nicely in the fireplace. Here you see all the ingredients. The hardest thing was cutting up the sweet potatoes. Those little buggers are TOUGH!

This is what it looked like at noon -  Once it's done, I will use the immersion blender to whooszh it up into a nice creamy texture, add maple syrup and some half and half and call is a bowl of sweet potatoe love! I will add a picture once it's done, so you can drool... And want to come visit me for dinner! I made a double batch because it freezes wonderfully, and is crampacked with vitamins, and because I am super lazy, so if I can double up and only cook once, I will do it!

It really is a good thing that iit is Spring, because this is all we have left of our wood piles.When Aidan gets back from his math meet, I will have him bring me in copiuos amounts of wood. That way if we do lose power we can stay warm... and heat up the sweet potatoe soup! I really love it when the power goes out. I love sitting in the quiet of the house, with the wind outside, reading or knitting by the fire. OH! One other thing... 

HAHA!  Do you know what this is? Well, I will tell you! You are looking at the FIRST Christmas present of the year! I have just decided that all of my Christmas presents will be handmade this year. So, don't ask which one is for you! I won't tell. And you can't make me! Thhhhhpt!

Anyways - this is an afghan, I cast on 241 stitches, and did the first 4 rows. The pattern wasn't looking right, so I counted again, and I had cast on 242! UG! I am ripping it out and starting over tonight. It is the most beautiful Taupe I have seen in a long time. If it comes out nicely, I think I will make another one in a dreamy cream color. We'll see. I am knitting it up on a size 9 needle rather than the 10 they call for.

Well, before all Hell breaks loose, I decided to go into Concord (a.k.a. "The Big City") to get my 2 broken nails fixed, and to get me some McDonalds! Sometimes a girls' just gotta get her some fries... and dip them in tartar sauce... don't judge... :)  My heart sang when I drove up to the window and picked up my bag of fries, hamburg with extra pickles and medium diet coke! YUMMMMMM!!!! (notice my beautiful, and not broken, thum

Well, wish us luck here in the the frozen tundra we call New Hampshire. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, send chocolate! I'll need it to sustain me through all of the shoveling I will be doing...... Wait! Isn't that what I had kids for? hmmmmm..... Until then... Stay warm. 


04/01/2011 21:16

I LOVE that you are already starting your Christmas presents! That yarn looks luscious - I can't wait to see the afghan grow!
And fries in tartar sauce - I just might have to try that - I'm a fry-dipper myself :-)


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