Seriously? Have you ever seen anything cuter? I am havign such a blast with Pink Fig's Chloe & Mieko sew along! I have 4 shirts all together. 2 boy and 2 girls. I went to Walmart and picked up a few white t-shirts on clearance. I Can't wait to get  these on their shirts. Yesterday I spent cutting the pieces out, and ironing on the fusable fleece. Tonight after I get the kids to bed, I will sew the hair on as well as adding the facial features. When these are done, I will mail them to the address she provides, and they will be shipped to Japan to be given to children in the shelters. Want information on how you can get involved? Click on the little buttom on my side-bar. Below you will see the wee ones up close and personal... Cute! Right? I love the color combos the kids picked out!  Please ignore all of the stains on my ancient ironing board. At some point I need to get a new one - this ironing board is older than my kids!

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