Maddy's Cotton-Candy-Riffic Slippers are now done! The thing that made them completely ultimately COOL are the awesome buttons I found at JoAnn Fabrics. Peace and Love! Perfect for Maddy.

Now that my need for immediate gratification is taken care of...

I am off to work on Kevin's Never Ending 4-year-sweater...

Pray for me! lol!

*** UPDATE... I give up, I cave... I call an audible... I am not getting ANYTHING done. I am sick. The joints in my hands hurt when I try to hold my needles. So, i am not sure how this will play itself out, but my knitting marathon may be rescheduled to next week. We'll see how I am tonight or tomorrow. Sorry all.

BUT!!!!! Mom says she got her other sleeve done, but when she held it up to the first sleeve she realized the first sleeve was mismeasured when she tried to measur it on her lap on the plane. Ya. That happens. She's ripping out and going back at it. You go MOM!



03/17/2011 15:41

Oh, I should have read this blog post first. So sorry things just aren't working for you with the marathon, but you NEED to take care of yourself! Let the family take care of YOU this time. OK? Get better, Marcy. :)

03/17/2011 15:41

I wish it were the sleeves. It's only the fronts, but that's almost as bad. I had to put it up; it was too confusing here with the kids, Rocky, Shelly coming home, etc.

03/17/2011 17:42

Karen - thanks for your support. My daughter actually made Rosemary Chicken with potatoes for us for dinner (she's 10!. Can't wait to see what you do with the new fabrics you picked up today. I can't pass up a sale, either!

03/17/2011 18:47

The slippers are adorable and I'm sorry to hear about Kevin's sweater, but it sounds like you need some R & R! I hope you feel better soon.


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