My week is flying by. I woke up this morning feeling a bit better for the first time in weeks! YAY ME! So I actually ventured into Concord to take care of some work I do at church, run some errands, get the oil changed, my left rear blinker and brake light replaced, and some other vital things (like go tanning and get my nails filled... very IMPORTANT things).
Then I got to cleaning - I got the kitchen table area cleaned. When Maddy got home from school she noticed the kitchen table was found, and promptly insisted we cook a sit-down dinner, pulled out a table cloth and set the table. She and I made dinner - we had twice baked and loaded potatoes, and dijon-parmesan chicken with a salad she put together with iceburg lettuce, baby spinach and cukes. This picture was taken in the aftermath of dinner. We had a fabulous time with all 5 of us sitting and eating. The children made up (and sang) a wildly annoying song they called "The Alphabet". Thank me now for not being tech-savvy enough to get it recorded and loaded here to play. There was NO fighting tonight! It was a day of days!

The stove area is in much better condition than my "before" photos from last week. And this was taken just now... Hours after I cleaned it initially... And I even cooked dinner here (which is why the stove is dirty on top).

LOOK! You can see my sink! Actually, I can't take full credit for this - even though I filled the dishwasher earlier today. Maddy and I left after dinner and went to mom's to call some yarn (see below). When we got home, Kevin had finished re-loading the dishwahser. YAY for husbands who are domesticated!

This summer there was this "thing" at a mill that is a couple towns over. Every couple years this mill invites the public to come and take spools of yarn... for FREE.... YES! I said FREE! This was the first time I had ever heard about it. So I decided I had to check it out. It was IN-FREAKIN-SANE! People were lined up about a mile out. Holding bags... and shopping carts... and husbands... I had NO idea! I showed up with just me, a cup of Dunkins, 2 LLBean bags and no clue. The big green spool of yarn in this picture is one of the spools I was able to get. These babies are some heavy! It was absolutely insane. People were puching, pulling, fists flew at one point. I just mosied around, milled about, and enjoyed the people-dynamics while looking for one or 2 spools to bring home. I was in WAYYYY over my head, and my 2 bags were no where near enough for all I wanted to grab.

I ended up getting 6 spools in the end. Which brings me back to why Maddy and I headed to mom's. Mom has this fabulous yarn baller, so I grabbed 3 spools and headed over. This is what only 3 of those spools looks like. (and I have already spooled off of the blue one!)

So... Now all I have to do is figure out what to make with all of this! FREE YARN!


03/25/2011 14:11

Did someone say FREE? You're the luckiest gal on earth!!!!!! YIPPEEEEE

03/26/2011 19:03

Yes, Karen... FREE! I heart FREE!

03/27/2011 23:42

Hi Marcy,
I was introduced to this blog by Karen. She entered my give away. Would you like to enter too?


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