Well (Do you realize I start off more than 80% of my paragraphs that way? I should really work on that...)
Anyways.... (ya - the other 40% start with that...) Whatev'......
OK, so... This morning I went to The Quilted Thread (my Local Quilt Shop) for my $5 Quilt class. It was fun. Lots of great tips and techniques, lots of great fabrics, lots of great sales... Fat Quarters are 20% off this week. I was resloved to NOT spend any money on the AWESOME, ON-SALE fat quarters... Until I saw the AMY BUTLER Fat Quarters up by the register! CURSE YOU AMY BUTLER!  I caved. And Katie wil be the beneficiary of my A.B. addiction when I make her the awesome PEACE and LOVE wall hangings!

I am now loving Wednesdays - once a month I have the quilting from 8-9:30, then I head over to knit at The Fiber Studio (both are in Henniker) with a bunch of wonderful women. They have been knitting much longer than me, and are eager to share what they know. Today they taught me the kitchner stitch.... So, I could do the underarms of Kevin's hideously neverending 4-year-sweater! So, I went from this picture here (the place where the underarms come together in my bottom up pattern)....

...To this - it looks like it was just knit straight up! Soooo Cool! So, now I am home, have given y'all the update, and will move on to do the other armpit (man, I hope I remember how to do it. While I was there this morning, I also sewed together the top where I created the opening for the zipper (which was WAY off center). I am just going to make it a crew neck. Then I need to pick up my stitches around the neck, knit my collar, and weave in my ends. And then I will BE DONE WITH THIS NEVER ENDING PROJECT!!!!!! so I can start on another! 

The March Kniting Marathon starts tomorrow morning! You in? I'll be starting tomorrow morning, and will post throughout Thursday and Friday.



03/16/2011 12:56

The sweater looks great, and I'll be joining you in the knitathon.

03/17/2011 15:36

Oh, MY!!! The Amy Butler pieces are TO DIE FOR!! Why does she do that to us, huh?

Fun stuff, girl.

03/19/2011 09:32

OMG, Karen! Don't you just love them? Is a fat quarter enough to make one of your fabulous notepad holders? Maybe a combo of 2 of them? hmmmmmm...... Now I know what I am popping in the mail to you!


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