Today was attempt number 2 at my Remicade Infusion. For those who were with me at my prior blog, you know that I spent Thursday and Friday nights in Lebanon to outrun a huge snow storm so I could have my Infusion. You also know that I had a medical problem which kept me from getting most of it. Well, I went back today for an infusion-redo. My mom brought me, and my lovely daughter, Madison, went with... She has a thing for pink (just like her mama) and lime green (just like her mama)... And she does NOT like her pictrue taken right now...
See what we had to resort to? Mom and I had to tag-team her to get a photo! What should have taken about 2 or so hours ended up going from 11:30 until 4pm! It was a long day, but my little Maddy was very patient. (You would be too if your Grammy bribed you with a 15 pound bag of Gummy Bears!)

So, anyways... Now we are home, and I am DONE! Like stick-a-fork-in-me kinda done. As soon as I got the kids settled in I went down to my bedroom to go to sleep, but visions of beads were dancing in my head. So what's a girl to do? Well? I got up and made stuff! I need to get better pictures, but for now I will just pop in these over-exposed poorly lit shots I took. They'll be re-shot and available for purchase tomorrow over at MarcyMade:

Ya, so as you can tell, right now I am having a love affair with silver! Tomorrow I will work on some gold projects.

Oooooh! I almost forgot - tomorrow I will be bloggin' ya from CoCoKey in Boston! We'll be swimming our Thursday and Friday away! (Well, the kids will swim... I will mostly knit and then swim a bit.)


D Hoik
03/03/2011 05:20

It was not fifteen pounds!


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