Sorry I have been so quiet this week. Quiet? Ok, GONE! Sorry I have been missing all week long. It's has been a bit dark and dreary here - both inside and out. Aparently the winter has been just a tad too dark for a tad too long. And the depression that comes with the dark, dismal NH winters caught up to me. I am doing a little better today, and hope to do a little better tomorrow. I haven't really done anything all week long, but try to get out of my own way.

ANYWAYS.... On to some bigger and better things - This week is chock-o-block full!

For those of you who are familiar with her, Cheryl - over at - is havign a knitting marathon. That's right - 26.2 hours of (mostly) knitting. Yo can sleep, eat, take pics, blog, etc, but mostly knitting. For those of you who have been with me for a bit, yo uknow I joined her last month. Well, her March Marathon is this week March 17-18 (Happy St. Patty's Day!). I will be joining her, and if you knit, you should join us, too! The key is to prep as much as you can - sort through your stash of project, your stash of yarn, projects you have been longing to begin, and get 'em out! Prep some meals ahad of time, so your family doesn't feel abandoned and begin a rebellion, put together your playlists, your movies, your DVR'ed reality shows, pick a comfy spot, and tell your family yo uare off limits! Then.... KNIT...KNIT...KNIT! You in? Dop me a line and let me know!

Wednesday morning I have my first quilting class at Quilted Threads (my local quilt shop) here in Henniker (yup, the ONLY Henniker on Earth!) This is the $5 quilt! Seriously! only $5 for the ENTIRE THING! - All you have to do is attend EVERY class (once a month), arrive on time, and arrive with your completed square in hand. They in turn show you how to complete the next square for the month, and give you the fabric you need to complete it. FUN! YAY! So, I went last week, paid my $5 and got my fabric, and instructions. The class is this week, and I have already messed up. I have no idea what I did, but I can't get what I need from the fabric cuts they gave me... Knowing me, I probably cut the wrong fabric for the A color and the B color, and WHATEVER! I am goin gon Tuesday and having them show me what I did wrong so I can complete my square by morning and get my April square for free! Wish me luck! I haven't quilted Like 20 years. If youa re in the area and want to join me,go on over to and get the info!

FRIDAY! I think Fridays will be my new favorite day - I have joined an Adult Ballet class at my daughters dance school. I haven't done ballet for 25 years! I used to be pretty good. This past friday was my first class, and I can tell you - my body doesn't remember a thing. My mind does, by body... not so much. But I had SUCH a good time.

I have finished the knitting portion of both Katie and Maddy's awesome slippers - I will sew the bottoms on tomorrow, and post final pics. I PROMISE... I will finishe Kevin's sweater this week!

That's it! Watch for pictures of projects for my Marathon!.....


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