UPDATE#1: It's 11:30, and I have just gotten home from the Doctors. It's Pneumonia. So, I now have my bag of drugs, and my knitting ready. It's a late start to the marathon, but a start all the same. I'll just have to knit more tomorrow to make up for it...

Now I am off to finish Maddy's slippers. I need to get something completed, and Kevin's sweater will take too long for my need of immediate gratification! Pictures will be done soon!

Like last month, I will be knitting for 26.2 hours - the equivalent to a marathon! Generally we would start first thing, and knit through to tomorrow morning - with some time in there to sleep and eat and blog, etc. Today I will need to change things up a bit - I am off to an appointment at 10, and my kids need to be picked up and travelled around, and I HAVE to get rid of these last remaining boxes of Girl Scout Cookies... Anyone need a box of Samoas?... So, I will be knitting today AND tomorrow... Yes, these are the sacrifices I am willing to make for you all! (lol!) As with my Bloggy-friend Cheryl over at www.cherylmarieknits.wordpress.com (she is the one with this fabulous idea for the marathon!), I will be finishing today... Want some real inspiraiton? Go check her out - she is working on completing the Master Knitter's Program.
First I will be finishing Kevin's Neverending-4-Year-Sweater, I have a biliion ends to weave in, and then the collar.  And then it will be DONE!!!!! Just in time for spring! LOL

Then, I am off to finish Maddy's Cotton-Candy-Rific Slippers! I just need to weave in the ends, and sew on the awesome buttons (one says LOVE the other is a peace sign.)

After that, I will be starting the fabulous Watermelon Hanna! I cast it on a couple weeks ago as the wrap, but then after having to purl almost 300 stitches, I decided I would do it as one piece in the round from the bottom up. All Knit, baby! That's how this Mama rolls!

Today my mom is joining me in knitting - although she is in DC visiting my sister and her kids. This picture is NOT my mom, my mom is far prettier, but this IS a picture of the sweater she is working on down in DC. It is a free pattern by Borroco called "Mayer". She is making it in a similar color and same yarn. I just called her to see how she is doing, and she is NOT knitting yet. She is making cookies. For my niece. For her class. Not for me :( ... (HAHA! I can't grumble - she ALWAYS makes me and my kids stuff! I'm just sick today and want cookies!) 

Now, I am off to the Doctors to find out what's wrong with me. I will bring knitting in case I get delayed... I'll checking back in a bit to let y'all know my progress... Knit on, people... Knit on!


03/17/2011 07:07

I'm working on my sweater, the free Berroco "Mayer" on the pretty model above. The back and left front are done, and the right is about half done. The ribbing is added later, so the fronts are going very fast. I'll have this one done by the end of the day.Then on to the sleeves (I dread sleeves - they're always much bigger than you think they're going to be). Feel better Marce, and knit on!

03/17/2011 08:39

Go Mama!I am just starting. Check in with you in a bit.

03/17/2011 15:40

I think knitting is the perfect thing for you to do while you're not feeling well. There is something therapeutic about yarn and needles - keep a smile, girl.

04/16/2011 03:08

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