Today was a REALLY busy day! I dropped my kids off to school... Went to the dentist (ewe)... Made my appointment for 2 crowns (double ick)... and then went off to knit with "The Ladies of The Fiber Studio". I know that doesn't seem really all that busy compared to what we normally do everyday, but all the while I was thinking about, and planning my spring gardens... This is my memory garden. I took this picture 2 years ago. It is right outside of my front door. The other side of my walkway. The Hydrangea in the middle is to remind us of our wedding. The little purple violas are to remember Kevin's Gramma Win (she passed away in February of 2007), she loved them, and all things purple. The other flowers were given to me by my 3 kids for mothers day. I love the lariope - which is a good thing, because no matter what I do, it keeps coming back! lol! This past year, I kept the purple violas, and the hydrangea, and fileld the rest in with herbs. It was incredible to just run out my front door, grab a fresh herb and keep right on cooking. I also spent a good deal of time thinking of what I might plant in my raised beds for veggies. Any input? I love to freeze things, and wou llove to be able to make tons of fresh/frozen goodies to make me happy next February.  

I am not sure what these little flowers are called, but I need to find them again, so I can fill my barrel. They were beautiful from early spring, right on through to fall.

I am really ready for the snow to melt so I can get going and get my green on! Just so you know - they are predicting ANOTHER snow event tonight! Seriously! 2 more inches of snow! It's Spring for cryin' out loud! What am I supposed to do with all of this snow?

Maybe if I just keep righting in green and posting flowers from my garden from years gone by I will get the Spring I am longing for. 

Until then... THINK SPRING!



03/23/2011 18:01

I second that! When I get back from Maine Garden Day on Saturday or Sunday, I'm going to dig down through the snow to the dirt in one of my raised vegetable beds, and plant pea seeds! I kid you not!


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