So, while Kevin is in DC, the kids and I have come down to Fitchburg, Mass to play for today and tomorrow at CoCoKey! There may be 4 feet of snow, and it may be 11 degrees outside, but it's 84 in here all day long! We got here at 12:45 to find out that the park doesn't open today until 4pm, so the kids all suited up and headed to the Hotel pool.In about an hour I took over 50 pictures. 27 were keepers.  My son is STILL under the impression thta if you are underwater no one can see you! Such a dork.

ANYWHOOOO... We are chillaxin by the water, (well, right now we are in the room about to have a diet coke, salt n vinegar chips and a milkyway), and really enjoying eachother - So far there has been NO fighting or arguing. I could get used to this!

This is our room... and my extremely strange children... Along with Maddy's pillow that she made all by herself!



D Hoik
03/03/2011 12:24

Hope you're relaxing and recovering, and am so glad the kids are not fighting. Your digs look very cool.

03/03/2011 12:43

Relaxing. About to put on my suit and head down to the water park


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