Well, Once again... It's snowing here in little old Contoocook, NH! But the good news is I have 11 hours alone! Uninterrupted! Just me, my fabric, my yarn, my DVR'ed shows that no one else will watch with me.Which is probably a good thing, because I have jumped in to FAR to omany projects for the next couple weeks. So, lets see how much I can get done today to get a jump-start on my week... 
Here are my beautiful Kaufman solids for my P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along. Today is the start of week 2 - week 1 was to get your fabric, wash and press it - CHECK! I am chomping at the bit! I am totally in love with the lime green accent color. I am making this to go in my dining area. For those o fyou who have been reading here for a while, you know I have an affinity for this fabulous green - my tea kettle is my favorite thing in the kitchen! So, after the quilt along is done, it will become a wall hanging in my dining area, and the roosters and country striped wall paper will be going. Yup! It's a summer project! Already planned! I am going from country to a more modern look to go with the punched tin I installed on the walls and the stainless appliances. I will be collecting design ideas. I have a while left to plan things... wish me luck (whish Kevin luck!) but really, it will only be painting, so not a lot on cost involved, and a HUGE impact.

Here is my Christmas Present #1 aka the Summer in the Country Blanket . This is a fabulous knit along with Firefly over at I Live on a Farm. If you are lookin fro some knitting inspiration, go check her out. I am in envy of the fact that it;s actually spring there. Meantime... Here? S N O W I N G!
ANYWAYS... I joined this KAL a week late, so I have 22 rows at 241 stitches per row to catch up on, and she is posting her next steps today! I think the best part of this KAL is that the projest is a surprise! I have no idea what it will look like when it's done! Watch and see...

Then there is this incredible sew along! Sara over at Sew Sweetness is hosting a fab summer dress sew along. I had a hard time deciding on the perfect fabric, so I took Kev along, and he picked out these 2 fabrics - the paisley is a quilt cotton, the green adn white is a nice, light weight linen. So I will be making 2 Jamie Dresses by Sis Boom. The pattern was emailed to me yesterday, adn I have printed my pieces. The actual sew along starts next week, but I need to prep my pieces and cut my fabric.

Lastly, I am working on this quilt along, live and in person, at my local quilt shop, The Quilted Threads. I have until Monday to get this square and another done. I am making this into a quilt, ratehr than a wall hanging. I have yet to decide where it will live, but it may be a nice addition to my bedroom. I have  a while to decide though, as this is a 12 month block a month kinda party.

I also have this funky/fun box o' goodies to send off to my friend Karen over at Tygerlily. I am hoping she can use them to make me some custom journal and notebook covers. She is VERY creative, so I Can't wait to see what she comes up with! You can check out her work over at her Etsy shop Journal Junction. While at the post office, I will be sending out a box filled with the t-shirts for the Chloe & Mieko sew along that I finished yesterday. I made 4 all together. 2 boy shirts, and 2 girl chirts. It was sooo fun! I will be makign one for both Maddy and I in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out to see how those turned out.


And Token is NOT a happy kitty... Token says "Shewiouwshly, Mumma! Whatsh wiz de shnow?"

I don't know, Toke, I don't know.

So, I am off to enjoy my 11 hours (now 10 1/2) with no kids and no Kev. Wonder what I can accomplish? Me, too! I'll blog ya later and give you an update.

I'll leave you with this, though... I just bought these really awesome mugs at my local bible bookstore, and I am off to make a cuppa tea and get started on my knitting...



04/04/2011 10:22

LOVE the blanket so far! Wow, 11 hours of time to create!!! Can't wait to see what develops from that time. Have FUN!

04/04/2011 16:01

I adore those mugs. Absolutely adore them. There is quite a collection of mugs in my cupboard and they all mean something. And I noticed all the bright things you are sending me! This will be a great time, and I hope to make you happy with what becomes of all those treasures. You honor me with your trust, girl! :)
Bummer about the snow, but spring really IS around the corner. It's trying to BLOW in here in NE.
Sew ON!

04/05/2011 15:21

Lovely blanket. New follower via UBP 2011. Hoep you will follow me too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/2011/04/day-298-ultimate-blog-party.html

04/07/2011 21:05

Love those days alone. I am so jealous of your knitting. :)

Thanks for sharing.


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