I woke up around 10:00 this morning, because... It's a SNOW DAY! And my kids are old enough to get breakfast and watch TV for a bit in the morning. So imagine my surprise when I come upstairs to find this....

Maddy decided to start her snow day off with some cross stitch. This is her first cross stitch ever. And she is off and running with it.

Kevin was up and working. His employers over at Oracle were nice enough to lt him work from home rather than brave teh normally hour and a half communte in this mess of white stuff falling from the sky. He will spend the day working on deals and talking on the phone. I love days like this because he is really good at what he does, and when I hear him doing his "thang" I am just filled up with pride - I know... silly, but true!

This is all I have left on my first ball of this fabulous taupe. My plan for today is to finish this ball, and then off to finish my t-shirts for Japan. I will keep you posted through out the storm today. I hope to have all the t-shirts done and be back at the First Christmas Present before dinner! 

It started snowing in the middle of the night, and we already have around 4 inches.  I'm hoping we get to 7 by noon.

I'll check back in in a bit and let you know how far I've gotten.

I LOVE SNOW DAYS! It's the actual snow part in April that I find highly offensive!

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