Well, People!!! Here it is! A sneak peak at the first block in the P2 Modern Solids Quilt along! It's not finished yet. I still have to sew all of the small squares together (and before I do that, I have to trim the small squares into 3 1/2 inch squares). I am not certain how it happened, but the awesome lime-ish green photographed as marigold. Well, use your IMA-GINA-TION, and picture it as my current favorite color. This is only my second quilt square I have ever made without guidance (i.e. a mother standing over my shoulder). I am areally enjoying disovering my own abilities. And I am reminded everytime I pick up my knitting needles or scissors, or thread my sewing machine, just how fortunate I am to have had a mother who could (and did) teach me how to do these things.

As you can see, yesterday I knitted my fanny off! I literally knit for about 7 hours total. And I had to stop with 2 rows remaining to finish the second stage of the afghan. I finished those 2 rows today, and here it is! I was really nervous with this stage. I have never made the baubles before. I almost chickened out and left them out. I am sooooo glad I did it. They are truly the most simple things ever on the face of the planet! so fun! and so cute! I say, if you can add them to something... DO IT! And if anyone has a problem with that, you tell them I said you could! lol!

So, I am pretty pleased with how the week has started, and I feel like I have gotten a good jump on the things I have set out to accomplish this week.

P.S. I am REALLY upset that Courtney is going home from the Bigget Loser!



04/07/2011 07:21

Haven't mentioned this yet, but the color your picked for the afghan is GORGEOUS! The textures in it are out of this world and you're doing a fantastic job - keep up the great work/fun. tee hee

04/07/2011 14:47

Thanks, Karen! I am a horribly naughty girls, and when I saw that Micheals was selling the Sugar'n Cream yarn for $1 a skein on sale, I just went out and bought enough to do the afghan in denim blue and tangerine. Only spent $20! 2 more christmas presents! LOL!


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