I may have hit a knitter's-wall this weekend. lol. I did not knit ALL weekend! Well, as long as you don't include Friday night in the "weekend". Because Friday night we went to the Monarch's game. And while sitting, waiting for the game to start, I knit on my Tangerine Summer Afghan. While waiting between periods I knit. On my way home, I knit. Actually, I didn't knit, I drove home, but while I was driving I was thinking about knitting. We got home around 10:45ish, and then I knit a bit more. When I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer I put the knitting down, and then didn't think about it again until just now. So, what was I doing all of that time to keep myself so busy? I was making jewelry! So FUN! I made 15 pairs of earrings and 8 bracelets. Super fun. Mostly kid friendly jewelry. What's the jewelry for? It's for a fundraiser. I'll tell you more tomorrow!  But for now... Here's a closer look...

Then tonight I cut out and made this... The third square of my $5 Quilt form the Quilt Along at my Local Quilt Shop. The Quilted Thread. My $5 class is on Weds morning, and my time between today and then is EXTREMELY limited. So I got it done tonight. I can procrastinate with the best of 'em, but when it comes to getting a free quilt square to make, I leave nothing to chance.

Have  a great night! I am off to watch House and figure out what I will work on tomorrow... I am thinking I need to get my Jamie Dress cut out and started... or maybe I need to knit a few rows on my summer afghan... or maybe some earrings... a necklace? 

Well? You'll just have to check back and find out! (oooh... a cliffhanger! I love those!)



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