So much accomplished. I love it when I have a bunch of things going and they all come together at once.

A second little boy Chloe & Mieko shirt


A second little girl Chloe & Mieko shirt

If you want to help out, you can click on the button on my side bar. I know it says the sew along is over, but the instrucitons are there, and any shirts recieved by May 25 will make the flight over.

Here is my mystery summer knit-along - AKA Christmas Present #1. Kevin adn I spent a great deal of yesterday in the car, so as he drove I knit. He likes driving, I like knitting in the car. Ya, we just work like that! We had to return my recliner to the store we got it at on the Seacoast - they are repairing it, and then I will get it back. Meantime... so sad! All I can look at is the empty corner where she is supposed to be.

Last summer we won a fabulous prize package from a loval radio station. One of the prizes was a $300 gift card to a place called Bull Moose - they sell new and used cds, dvds, etc. So, while we were in Portsmouth we spent it. What a motherload of BluRay DVD's! On our way back we stopped and Kevin found a great used car. We are praying on it, and hoping this is the right solution for us, as his car is on it's last leg and he commutes down near Boston daily for work.

We ended our day at the Monarch's game. It ROCKED! I love me some Manchester Monarchs! Friday will be the last regular season game. We have tickets. Anyone want to babysit 3 kids? No? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Well, now I have the t-shirts boxed up to send to Chelsea over at Pink Fig, and a box of fabric and other surprises to send over to my bloggy-friend Karen at Tygerlily ( so that she can make me a journal cover! If you haven't checked out her things, pop over to her site and look at her Etsy store called Journal Junction. She makes things that make me (the ultra queen of un-organization) want to get my thoughts organized into planners!

Next week is WAY busy! I have 3 different sew-alongs and knit-alongs going, and they all start tomorrow!  I will be working on a dress, a quilt, an afghan, another quilt, and trying to finish my Love me or Leaf me bag........ Wonder how my week will end....

See you tomorrow - with progress made! And pictures of fabrics, fabrics, glorious new fabrics!



04/03/2011 17:38

You have got about TWO weeks' worth of stuff planned for this week, Marcy! HOLY MOLY! Can't wait to see all the blogs about all the stuff that's going on. Sewing, knitting, quilting...... what DON'T you do? :)
I do all the driving, so don't really know what it would be like to 'ride' and knit! I'll bet that is wonderful!

04/03/2011 19:09

Karen - SERIOUSLY! I am worried tha tthis week I have bitten off WAY more than I can chew. On top of all of this, I have the normal shuttling of kids, and Katie has her musical this weekend. What, exactly was I thinking???? We'll see how I come out on the other end of this week.


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