So, out of the blue, on Sunday we found out the cousins were flying up to visit for spring break... in about 4 hours! One minute it was a boring week, the next minute... POOF! COUSINS! We don't see them very much, usually just for a couple weeks during the summer, so this was a great surprise. They are heading home on Sunday afternoon. This is Maddy and Kennedy today at the ball field. As it turns out, Maddy is a pitcher, and Kennedy is a catcher - they were able to really get in a great practice together while Aid practiced with his team tonight.  

So, remember I couldn't decide what to work on next? Well, I did some knitting, on the Tangerine version of the Summer Afghan. Then, I went on to cut out and start working on the Jamie Dress. I knew there was no way to get it done by the deadline, but o well. I was going to make 2 of these, but after I ironed the paisley fabric I decided it would look super cute as a peasant blouse, so I am saving it for that.  So, for this dress, I am using a beautiful, lightweight linen. IT has a cream color background, and the green is to die for!

My favorite part of this pattern???????

The bodice has an extra, optional, piece that can be added. It says "place on fold for extra fullness"... One thing this girl has is "extra fullness" in the bust! LOVE IT!

As of tonight I have the entire bodice sewn together, adn the skirt cut out. I am glad I waited to finish it, because after reading everyones feedback I have decided to NOT gather the skirt, but rather to make pleats, and I may take out some of the fabric it calls for. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the weekend. I'll let you know!

On a seperate front, the kids and I made these incredible mini calzones tonight for dinner. I found the recipe on Everyday Food Storage. Crystal has an incredible video tutorial that makes this such an easy recipe to make. It was a HUGE hit! All 3 of the kdis loved it. Best part? The money I saved. I made the pizza sauce myself - can of tomato sauce ($.89), a clove of crushed garlic and a bit of italian seasoning vs. $3.50 for a jar of pizza sauce! The kids said it was the best pizza sauce they have ever had! I made the dough myself, and we were each able to make our own custom calzones - I had pinapple and peperoni, katie had mushrooms, peperoni and pinapple, Maddy opted for just peperoni as did Aidan. It was soooooo yummy! Went into the "Makeagain" file. Best part for me? We were able to make enough to fill up all 5 of us for about $5!

I think that's a pretty good recap of my week! ... O, ya. Forgot about my wonderful feat of athleticism last Thursday... I was runnning into the house, up the stairs, tripped, and flew up the stairs. So graceful! lol! Tossed my purse so it wouldn't spill all over (mama's got mad skillz!) and then smacked my head into the front door! (Did I mention graceful?).  I was VERY sore until Saturday, then felt better. Well, by this weds I couldn't move again, so I hit the Chiropractor. I gave myself WHIPLASH! Who does that!?! Only me! I am the only one talented enough to accomplish such a thing! So, he cracked me and adjusted me, and now I am only a tad sore. Moral of this story? NEVER follow too close behind me! OR allow me to carry valuable items that may be broken if thrown to the ground. lol.

Until next time...


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