Yesterday Maddy, Aidan and I got on a bus in Concord, and rode it all the way to Boston to get on our plane to fly to Charlotte for our Spring Break...

We learned a lot of things on the ride...


Yes, apparently Berlin, NH has the best crack. Who knew? 

Well, I can assure you that my 10 year old most certainly did NOT! She asked what it meant, to which I responded something about plumbers unions and the like. (just kidding). 

Actually, she DID know - she learned about it in gym class - and she was really upset that people could buy it in Berlin. She also wanted to know why Concord Trailways would leave that written on the inside of the bus where she had to read it. I agree, Maddy!  


We got to Logan around 12:45, and had lunch at Burger King. Then went through security. Once we were all moved in to our gate, we went off in search of more airport food. Dunkins was close by, so Maddy had a big bagel breakfast sandwich. I am really not certain why, but airports make the Ort's hungry!

Aidan grabbed a $3.00 Pepsi, and played his DS until the plane arrived. We usually fly on JetBlue. Each plane has it's own name. We usually get a picture of the side of the plane with the name on it. Today, the gate we were at made it impossible to see the name. Our gate people were awesome, though, and they looked up the name on their computers! Our plane's name? "Blue's Your Daddy"! So cool. For the most part, our flight was perfect. Right up until the rollercoaster we rode for the final decent.  

This morning Maddy and Poppa worked on the side garden. Poppa dug, and Maddy planted.

This afternoon, Maddy and I took a walk around the development where Gramma and Poppa live.  It is so absolutely beautiful here. I want to live here! One of these trips, Kevin is going to go to the airport to pick me up, and I will still be here! lol!

Anyways... Maddy and I walked all over, and she took a picture of me. YAY! a picture of me! And I didn't have to take it! See? I do have arms! When we got back, we had lunch. Aidan slept most of the day, as he had a fever last night, and is feeling horrible today. After sleeping until after noon, he finally woke up. Ate 2 sandwiches, a couple bowls of cereal, and is now off to a boys house down the street to play some video games.

What does the rest of the day hold? Not really sure... It's vacation... In North Carolina...



Nichole T.
04/27/2011 12:14

Yikes - I must pass along that info to our cleaners - our buses should never be graffitized. Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves! You deserve it! Have a good time! (And we are Concord Coach Lines not Trailways.....) :)

04/27/2011 12:16

Sorry! I haven't riden Concord Coach Lines since I was probably 15, and it was Trailways then (man, I am OLD!)


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