Did I tell you I finished my first block for the P2 Modern Solids Quilt along? Probably, Sorry. I have been so out of it this week. And I have a TON to do. Not just a little ton, like a total Metric Ton of stuff to do. I have to make 2 more blocks for this quilt along by Sunday, make another block for my Brown $5 quilt along at my local quilt shop, cut out my Jamie dresses, and knit on my Sumemr Afghan knit along. Hmmmm.... well, with all of that on my plate, it is probably about time to have my Remicade infusion. Ya know, because I have nothing to get done, and I have PLENTY of time to sleep and get sick. hmmmmm. ya. So, if you have been wondering, that is why you haven't heard from me since Sunday. Well LOTS has hapenned. First...

If you are a busy mom like me, and I know you are!, you have no doubt at some point taken your kids to school in your pajamas. I mean, who's gonna see you, right? Well, let me tell you... Monday morning I left and took the kids to school. On my way back I hit a rather robust pothole. I was in the center of town... At the height of school-drop-off -commute-to-work traffic. In the CENTER of town. In my pajamas! Not even just regular pajamas. I was wearing my grey knit above the knee nightgown, but it was chilly, so I pulled on my red snow man fleece jammie pants, and I didn't want to wear a bra, so I zipped up my blue Get Fit NH Bootcamp hooded sweatshirt. And just because that wasn't over the top, I had slipped my feet into my dark green gardening clogs! So, around 7:25am, my car jumps into this pothole. And my tire blows. And I don't mean a slow leak. I mean "POW" kinda blow. So I limp my minivan out of town (because I will be damned if I am going to get out of my car wearing this ensemble) and pull onto one of the side streets and call AAA. Meantime, I also call my mom. who heads my way, because my van doesn't have the spare in it, it's under the porch (what? Isn't that where everyone keeps their spare? Yes, I can hear the banjos right now). While waiting, a friend who lives up the street pulls over and offers me a ride home... She is hysterically laughing because she, too, is in her jammies! Long story short - I get changed, head back to the van, AAA shows up, I give him the spare, we go the half a mile back to the garage (which I totally passed, but would not pull into on account of the affor-mentioned pajama issue), and because I went to highschool with half of them. They fix my tire for me and mount it back on the van for $15, and in less than an hour. (Mental note... make them brownies tomorrow mornign to thank them!) 

ANYWHO.... Mom and I then head up to Lebanon, where I get my infusion. We head home and pick up the van. I go to sleep. And that is my story. I slept all of Monday away, and most of Tuesday. Today I went and knitted with the lovely ladies at The Fiber Studio. This was after I picked up my son from school with a stomach bug, and before I head to get my step-daughter who is home sick with a head/throat/stuffy nose thing. Maddy, thank heavens, is blissfully healthy. The other 2 kids are now wearing surgical masks, and are banished to their rooms. AND, it is raining and has been for the past week.

So that, my dear friends, is why, in a nutshell, I have been woefully missing from my blog.

Here I am, though, back with you. I just finished watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution which we DVR'ed last night. MAN! We as parents need to stand up for what our children are given in our schools. We pay for these meals. Not just in the daily amount we give per meal, but in our taxes. Something needs to be done! I am so grossed out by the fat and sugar in every meal. No wonder my kids are sick ALL the time. I think that starting nest week I am going to experiment and make them their own lunches all week and see what that does for them and how they feel.

I have also been thinking about food storage and emergency preparedness all this week. It has been weighing on me after the earthquake and ensuing disaster that happened in Japan. I have been floating through the blog world and on the NET, and have found a few great sites that can help if this is something you are thinking of as well.   

Crystal over at Everyday Food Storage has incredible recipes, tips and tricks to build a 3 month supply of regular everyday foods you normally eat, and also has a ton of youtube video how-to's (like a recipe to make your own frozen pre-made pizzas!) which will save you money AND time. Check her out.

So, After all of my copious babbling, I am off to cut out and sew 2 modern quilt blocks. Hopefully, no one else will become sick in the interim. Because these pictures are a result of our house (ie: ME) being out of it for 3 days.

See y'all tomorrow!


04/14/2011 06:11

Oh, Marcy! You've had a rough week for sure. I do hope you get back on track soon and everyone gets to feeling better. I do adore your 'tire' story, though. When haven't we as moms at one time or another taken of with our PJ's on? LOL So sorry you ran into trouble though. That part's not fun. My head isn't on straight this week, so no one has heard much from me either. You hang in there, girl!! :)


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