As promised... Here are my lovely goodies sent to me from Karen over at Tygerlily. A while back I sent her a box with some random fabrics and stuff, and told her to go nuts and have fun. She even braved making a quilt square on one of the journals for me! Do you recognize the pink fabric? From my massive Amy Butler bag? That one is a journal cover for my bible reading journal. My daughter, Maddy, stole it the same day for her journal! lol. I am going to need to get her a denim one so I can have MINE back!

I love that Karen LOVES pockets! So do I! You can see all of Karen's lovely organizational and journal covers, along with some great ideas to keep the kids busy during your summer travel over at her Etsy Shop Journal Junction . Karen also does custom orders. 

Karen's other Etsy shop The Tygerlily, sells wonderful other custom fiber items. Check her out!  

Here's my challenge for the day. I am making some things for my ever-growing Maddy from old clothes Kevin and I are getting rid of. The 2 striped polo shirts are men's XL - we got them on clearance a few years ago at Old Navy. They will become 2 summer nighties for Maddy. The pink and white strappy tank (again from Old Navy clearance) will become a little skirt, and the black cropped yoga pants will hopefully become a pair of shorts for her. We'll see how I do with my first crack at "up-cycling".

What else am I working on right now? Well.....

There's this fab periwinkle yarn that I am making a great swingy layering tank out of...

sAnd then, do you remember all that free yarn I got? I am using 3 strands of one of the yarns on a size 19 needle to make a footstool/seat! The pattern was free, the yarn was free, and I am going to shove in old broken down feather pillows that were destined for the dump. FREE! AND FUN! PERFECT!
What's going on with the afghans? Well, I am glad you asked... They are in time out! They were mean and giving me a hard time, so I wabbed them into a ball and shoved them in a bag in the closet until they decide to behave. (and I am feeling patient enough to rip out 3 rows on BOTH!)

Wish me luck! I am off to UP-CYCLE!


05/27/2011 07:22

Thanks for such kind words, Marcy - it truly was a fun challenge. Now make her give you your Amy Butler cover back! LOL Good luck with the up-cycling, too. It can be a barrel of fun and if they don't work out as planned, I keep a handy File 13 handy they easily slip in to. HA Enjoy your day and post when you can.

05/27/2011 13:22

The Maddy version of Dad's shower curtain shirt! May your creativity be as boundless as God's love for you! (and mine!)

05/27/2011 13:36

You are doing an awesome job with your blog SMOM! I think its cool how you are making all the stuff for maddy with the old clothes. I promise i will bring some clothes home for her soon :). Love You!!!

05/27/2011 16:38

Thanks everyone! I am reallyhappy about how they came out. Now to settle in for a night of knitting on size 19 needles...


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