Miss Me? Sorry I've been down with a nasty virus that ate my laptop. Literally. The little bugger ate it's way all the way into my hard drive. Kev had to "blow up" my entire system. It was a sad day indeed.

Well, the good news is we are back on line now, and I have a TON to catch you up on...

Kev and I spent this past weekend in NC with Kevin's parents at the All Star Race... It was a whirl wind visit of only 2 days, but it was so good to see my in-laws (even though I was just there 3 weeks ago!)


I designed a new garden.... But then it rained every day for the past, like, 20 days, and was cold and dreary. But here are the pictures of the area where this will be going, and some of the flowers that will fill it...

Many of you who know me also know that my grandmother, the great matriarch of my family, had a stroke a couple years ago. She has made an incredible come back. One of the things she said is that if she sees someone doing something it helps her to remember how to do it again. When she said that I decided to make her a cookbook with photos of me and my cousin making some favorite dishes. So over the past couple weeks I have been cooking and taking billions of pictures...
I finished the top of my P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along Quilt! Now it is ready to send off to my good friend to be Long Armed. (Like, literally, JUST finished it... as in today... as in this afternoon!... As in my first quilt EVER!)

So much more to share... like my 2 new knitting projects and an INCREDIBLE package of custom made goodies from my friend over at
TygerLily which I will share with you tomorrow.

Missed you much!



Darling Husband
05/26/2011 19:52

What My beloved wife isn't sharing is that besides being down without her system for nearly two weeks with a virus we had two kids that had a very nasty stomach bug of their own mingled in with a seemingly endless supply of baseball and softball games. We finally got to take a break to go see my folks for a couple of days only to have Marcy come down with a monster migraine halfway through the trip that didn't go away for nearly five days! My wife is such a trooper. I love You babe!

05/27/2011 05:22

Marcy! You have been a busy lady! And I adore your husband's comment. Your quilt top looks fantastic and for your first time? Really? It's perfect. Nice work. Wish I had a garden, but if wishes were horses.... you know. :) Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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