20 pillow cases complete and ready to ship for ConKerr Cancer. After the Girl Scouts had their overnight, I only had a few left to finish up, then I washed and Ironed them, so they are all now ready to send off to CHaD in Lebanon. If you are interested in helping out in any way with this wonderful charity, go visit www.ConKerrCancer.com, or message me and I can get you in touch! With just 2 yeards of fabric you can make 2 pillow cases and help 2 children! (All in about 30 minutes!)

I also finished my Love Me or Leaf Me bag! I had such a productive day!

This bag came from the creative mind of Karen over at
Tygerlily. She has some wonderful knitting patterns available for purchase... I may have to try her cable bag next.

What else have I accomplished today? Well, glad you asked! I washed and ironed the remainder of my quilt fabrics (They came in the mail yesterday). I also have Maddy registered for Field Hockey Camp. So..... It looks like all I have to do to accomplish that list is get my quilt cut out! YAY! (I have made the executive decision to hold off on the yardsale until next weekend)

So... What's next? Well, tomorrow I am getting my haircut! It's been since September for me. Then this weekend is not only Father's Day, but Kevin's birthday as well. I have a couple fabulous surprises up my sleeve.... Shhhhhhh Don't tell!



Kathy Robillard
06/16/2011 18:08

I'm tired just reading what you accomplished today! The best I can muster for productivity myself for today was being L-A-Z-Y. Tomorrow is another day. I'll look forward to reading all that you did again soon!

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