There are things that weigh on me, they run around in my mind, popping up every now and again. The Parable of The Talents in Matthew 25 has been in my head recently, and then again in church on Sunday. God has a way of gently nudging. HE plants an idea, then leaves it to germinate, brings peole along who fertilize it with their words and actions, and watches it grow within us. God has given me so much. But what am I doing with what He has given me? I am always thankful for God, and His workings in my life. It is easy to walk wih Christ beside you, but I want to walk with Christ IN me. What's the difference? What sort of changes would God make within me if I stepped out of His way and let Him do His works within and through me without any interference from MY spirit? This month I am going to make a conscious decision to remove my self from my life and replace it with Him......... Replacing my day to day service - my Marcy-based-Service - with Unselfish Service...
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For such a time as this

I have fallen
I have broken
You lift me up
and made me whole
For all the times
I’ve asked you why
I now realize
Your answer is…..
For such a time as this.

For all the challenges
That come my way,
I look to you
And hear you say
“I’ve always been here,
I’ll never stray”
For such a time as this.

As I walked through
My darkest night
I looked to You
And saw Your light
Knowing you
Would take these things
And use them for
What life would bring…
For such a time as this.

So lead me where
You’ll have me go,
To the dark
Your light I’ll show,
These things You’ve done
So I would know,
Your love is here
And so am I…
For such a time as this.

Pray On - A Poem 03/01/2011
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Pray On

Change your story
Turn the page
Pray on! Pray on!
Just one more day.

One decision,
One thought, one line,
Can change your llife
For all of time.

                                                                                        On the heels of hurt, you'll see,
                                                                                        That pain can change your destiny.

                                                                                         Fear NOT!
                                                                                         For I am here with you.
                                                                                         Pray on! Pray on!
                                                                                         I'll carry you.