We started off the day right here at the Ort Homestead with poached eggs on toast. It was seriously good! I was starving, and really craving protein, so I had 3. But, I was being sensible so I ate them on 3 pieces of ultra thin Pepperidge Farms bread with a skim coat of butter. Best. Breakfast. Ever! Aidan was home sick - second day of the stomach thing. Poor little man (well, if you can call a 5'8" 12 year old "little man"). Anyways, after I got us both fed I continued on sewing my quilt squares for the P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along.  By the time lunch came along I was done with both of the new sqares that were assigned for this week.

Then it was off to the grocery store in Warner to pick up a few things to add to the 10 pound boneless turkey I thawed out this weekend. Yummy turkey dinner for supper tonight. When I pulled back into the driveway I saw Phil the Squirrel hangin out trying to find his nuts (get you rhead out of the gutter... I was talking about the ones he packed away last year.) He gave me quite a show
Then I cast on 241 stitches for the Tangerine version of the afghan. I will be working both of them at the same time. I went to get the camera to take a picture after I finished 4 rows, but apparently Token decided he needed guard it.

Token, unlike Phil the Squirrel, was a little put out that I was taking his picture, and refused to pose. See if he gets any soft food from ME anytime soon!

Well, I love y'all, but I am off to enjoy a superb Turkey dinner - with all the trimmings. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you my dagwood of a post-turkey-day sandwich.

4/14/2011 10:54:24

Lots of good things accomplished today, Marce. The quilt's looking great, and that tangerine afgan - yummy.


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