Seriosly awesome day! I think this is the first time in my recent memory that I can remember a day where the kids did NOT fight! We have had such a fabulous day! Even when I took a wrong turn in Manchester to get gas, and we had to be in the car for an extra 20 minutes, even when we decided to eat lunch in the van because when we ordered in Wendy's it was so cold that ice was hanging off my eyeballs! They have been WONDERFUL! I really needed this today. I am feeling so blessed by the gift God has given me today.

The kids played in the water at CoCoKey Water Park at the Courtyard Marriot in Litchfield, MA. LOVE IT HERE! This is what we did today!
Notice someone missing from the fun water photos? Ya, that would be the 13 year old bundle of hormonal joy! I love her, I remember being her at her age. The water was too cold, and too wet,.. So this is what she did the whole time...
So while they were doing all of that, I enjoyed a Pina Colada and worked on Maddy's Cotton-Candy-Rific Slipper - it's the last one, and will hopefully be done by the time we leave for home tomorrow afternoon. The kids were back and forth towards the end, and I finally had to tell them to JUST GO AWAY WHILE I KNIT! Once they were gone, I felt a little guilty, but they had a ton of fun during their banishment!  I ended up telling Katie that she needed to be in the water for at least 10 minutes if she wanted to watch the American Idol Elimination Round tonight. And guess what????? She LOVED IT! Imagine that! I was right! Hmmmmmmm... How did THAT happen?

I absolutely adore the zaney Aidan. He was totally diggin The Lazy River! Katie decided to chase some water falls. And my heart completely melted when I caught Aidan and Maddy not holding hands, but holding toes... In the end, we are now in our room...
Aidan has his pencil and paper ready to take notes... Too funny!
... Because here we go America...

There is one of those resorts in Omaha and always wondered what it would be like to go there. It looks wonderful! And it looks like everyone (finally) had one terrific time together.
And yes, we are Idol fans here, too. :)


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