Well, February Vacation is OFFICIALLY OVER! YAYYYYYYYYYYY! **** I mean, "Oh, no, how sad the kids will be back in school tomorrow."****
Today was a fabulous day - Kev and I brought Katie to see The Manchester Monarchs play Charlotte. We lost by one point. It was still a good game, and we got free silly bands for the girls. Who doesn't love free silly bands? We had a great time with just the 3 of us. I took a picture of Kev and Katie, and then a very nice man asked if I wanted to be in the picture. Me? In a picture? Can I do that? WOW! What a novel idea. So, here you see Kev, Katie, and me! Katie was embarrassed to be seen with us in our matching shirts, and absolutely refused to wear Kev's old black jersey saying something about "rediculous" and "I'd rather die" and "mortified", but we held her down, forced her to smile and got the shot anyways! HAHAHA! I love being a mom of a 13 year old (even if it is "only" a step-mom)

Because of the FOOT of snow they are forcasting for tomorrow, we decided it would probably be safer to bring Katie to her mom's tonight, rather than worry about driving in a messy storm tomorrow morning at 6:30 to get her to school. I was a little bummed, but then my brain kicked in and said "Yo! Marcy! Sleep in!!!!" ya. exactly!

Well, remember yesterday? When I said I had the most incredible idea for my craft stuff? Here's a sneak peak...
Now, I know this is very ugly, messy, and overwhelming. But, isn't it screaming "MAKE ME INTO YOUR STORAGE AREA!" and "I want to hold your beads, yarn, fabric and other fun stuff" and "pick me! pick me!" ... Ya, I thought so, too.

So, tomorrow I will take all of those unused games and things out of this neat-o understair closet space, and start re-purposing it to make my husband happy and get my beading, sewing, knitting etc things out of the rest of the house. YAY ME! (Do you think we have enough movies? I may need to do something about that, too.)

Just wondering if you noticeed this in the top corner of my picture? Still trying to decide what to do with this. I need to mat and frame it, but haven't decided on the right color or frame yet. Not sure why I put the picture here, except - Geez, I love this poster!

I was clicking around the bloggosphere, and came upon this wonderful site called The Little Big Girl Studio. She and some friends are hosting a sew-a-long this week. They are partnering with Hope for Women International, to bring you "Dress a Girl Around the World" - I will be joining their sew a long this week, and following Little big girl's tutorials to make some pillowcase dresses for children in need around the world. Come sew a long with me! If you want to join me, leave me a comment in my blog and we can check in with eachother as the week progresses. I will be posting pictures here and on my new Flikr page.
LBG studio