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First off... Firefly FINALLY posted the next step of our leisurely summer knit-along. I am a hugely impatient person! (Actually, I am pretty patient, I just am dieing to see how this afghan is going to turn out). Poor thing, she has had the flu, and been stuck in bed. Just no fun at all!  Anywho... She posted the next set of instructions yesterday morning, so I have it done yesterday afternoon. She set out an A and a B option - I chose to go WAYYYYY outside my comfort zone and went with option B. Can't wait to see how the basketweave comes out with the cable and the seed stitch. (Karen, you would be so proud of me!) So, to stave off my impatience, I went out and bought yarn to make this afghan in both a denim color and an incredible tangerine. I will cast those on so I can have something to keep myself busy with while waiting. 

You know you're a red-neck when...
...On your way to see the hockey game you have to sop and pull over so that a billion wild turkey can cross the road! LOL! I live on such a back road, in a tiny little town in the woods. We have a gabillion (yes, that IS a number, I looked it up!) wild turkeys. This Tom has many little followers. I have to remind myself to go slow around the corners, because it is easy to run smack dab into a gaggle of them hanging out in the road. I met Kev last night at the Monarchs game - it was the last regular season game of the season - we killed the Phantoms. The Playoffs start friday, we have tickets for the first 2 games... GO MONARCHS!

We were treated to a fabulous show by the Super Secret Project. They sang "Granite State of Mind".  IT was a great show.
Tomorrow we are having some friends over for a cookout - as it will be in the lower 70's. But... our deck is still covered in snow, so I had the boy-child go and shovel it so we coud lhave the deck with the table and chairs on it. FIRST COOKOUT OF THE SEASON, BABY! HE was upset about having to do it at first, but then really had a good time.

I finished off the afternoon by completing the first square of the P2 Modern Solids Quilt along. Maddy had a friend over, so I was able to get a great picture of it outside with good lighting. 

Kevin and I are now off to enjoy watching our eldest perform in the Musical "13"

.... Until later... Craft on!


The blanket is looking great Marcy, and it is so good to have your comments showing up now too!

Warm wishes,


Thanks firefly! I am loving the pattern!


The afghan is turning out beautiful! And I love all the pictures you post on your blog - it's a lot of fun to browse.


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